Research and Evaluation

Research Design and Strategy

Ethnography and Storytelling

Human-Centered Heat Mitigation

Heat-Mortality and Morbidity Surveillance>

Health Education & Training

Community Training and Resiliency Planning

Heat Awareness and Education for Providers

Heat Capacity Building and Training

Environmental Literacy

Advocacy & Funding

Heat, Health, and Equity Consulting

Grants, White Papers, and Public Speaking

Cross-Sector Heat Coalitions

Policy Analysis and Advocacy

“The first and fundamental resistance is that of the spirit. It requires resisting the intimidation of every lie asserted as truth, the contagion of every collective intoxication …  It prescribes the concern to understand the complexity of problems and phenomena rather than yielding to a partial or unilateral vision. It requires research, verification of information, and acceptance of uncertainties.” ~ Edgar Morin